MoSKito Seasonal Greetings

Dear MoSKito-rians and those to become MoSKitorians in the next year!

This year was very successful for MoSKito: about 15 releases, multiple conference and press appearances, and a lot of user activity, especially by the end of the year. All of this makes us really proud of our project.

Merry MoSKito Christmas

Looking back at our achievements, we are holding still for a moment to enjoy the Quietness of the next two weeks before the next year, which promises to be even more inspiring and exciting.

We would like to use this moment and wish you quiet, recreative and contemplative holidays and a very successful 2014.

Leon Rosenberg and the MoSKito Team.

Integrating MoSKito into Java EE 6 + JBoss AS 7 environment

MoSKito enables you to analyze and monitor your running Java application.

During this blog post, we guide you how to fully integrate MoSKito within Java EE 6 environment und run it with JBoss Application Server 7. Furthermore we provide some hooks for integrating Producers, Threshold and Accumulators.

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MoSKito 2.1.5 introduces REST API

Hi MoSKito community,

we published MoSKito version 2.1.5.
First we fixed bug with recently released ThreadStateProducer.

Additionally, we added an integrated RESTful interface, that is parallel to MoSKito user interface. Add accumulator like this:

 "name": "TestAccumulator",
 "producerId": "ThreadCount", 
 "interval": "1m",
 "unit": "MILLISECONDS",
 "statName": "ThreadCount",
 "valueName": "current"

Please note:  In order to avoid conflicts with JAR’s delivered by JBoss container you need to update your web.xml, see documentation below.

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