Fresh boost for MoSKito documentation

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Lately, some of our colleagues had a hard time working with MoSKito documentation. Docs are fine, they said, but finding things is difficult. Sadly, that was true. Why?

MoSKito is quite a mature project. It has been developing for the last 6 years, which is a long time for our quickly changing Internet era.

Many MoSKito contributors added new features, but didn’t have time to fix the old documentation. What they did was writing new docs on top of the ones we had. As a result, MoSKito Confluence Space was full of valuable info, which was totally in a mess.

Now, MoSKito documents are getting a new lease of life 🙂

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Salute for all-new website!

Recently, you could say there were no serious movements in MoSKito Camp. But this was just a tactical trick, the calm before the storm.

Now we’re back with a bunch of updates! We shall describe them one by one, so that you could feel their true value. So, today’s special is…

Brand new website!

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MoSKito: Meet the Swarm!

MoSKito is a relatively old (and mature) project by Internet reasoning (it made its first appearance in 2007). The project has been evolving fast, which led to re-arrangements among its components and caused some chaos in naming.

The intention of this post is to explain who’s who in MoSKito Universe. Meet the Swarm!

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MBeans in ConfigureMe

Since 2.1.0 version, configureMe provides the ability to view a list of configuration files, each config file separately, and its attributes, that used by default environment and content of this configuration.

For this functionality was used JMX API, namely managed beans, or MBeans and created MBeanRegisterUtil class. This class contains regMBean method, which doing registration of your mBean in MBean server. And also had been created mBeans for providing information about your configurations files:

WatchedConfigFilesMBean – provides list of config files.

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