One to count them all

There were recently a lot of work invested in making MoSKito even better and publishing it to Maven Central, which, btw. is finished! However, it’s time to tell you something about the new features in 2.0.x.

Today we will be talking about Counters. Well having counters seems to be such a native idea for a monitoring application, that one could wonder, why didn’t we had them earlier. And in fact we did. It just wasn’t THAT easy to use them as now. Back in the not-so-old 1.x days (like 3 month ago), you had to build the counters yourself. It wasn’t hard to do, but still had to be done. Usually this meant that you built your own custom producer, with a lot of code and a lot of ifs and thans in your code. That’s over now!

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I like to move it move it

After we decided to move everything we publish as open source into maven central and made a successful show case it’s time to start moving!

The new parent has now the sonatype parent as it’s parent (what a sentence!) and publishes everything to sonatype repositories –

To prevent version mismatch, every artifact will get a major upgrade, which means that effectively everything will start with a 2.

So it’s parent 2.0 and ano-util 2.0.0 which are already there:

and the rest will follow.

We keep you informed!